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Clay Drainage EuroTop

SuperSleve EuroTop has a competent range of pipes and fittings for overseas markets. Quality system inspectors regularly visit to witness product testing, guaranteeing acceptance in that particular overseas market.

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Hepworth SuperSleve EuroTop clay drainage system for export markets comprises a range of vitrified clay pipes, bends, junctions and fittings available in 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 225mm, 250mm and 300mm diameters, supplied complete with factory-fitted push-fit flexible couplings or plain ended with separate coupllings to be fitted on site.

Structural Strength

SuperSleve pipes are tested to destruction confirming the strength of the pipes. This published strength can be used directly in structural bedding calculations.


SuperSleve drainage systems are Kitemarked to the requirements of BS EN 295-1 and are supported by a CE mark and DoP. Other pipes and fittings are manufactured to BS 65 and are Kitemarked where appropriate. Plus many other international country quality schemes such as DIN Plus, MPA, Benor, CSTB, Watermark, JSWA.

What’s next?

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