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Clay Drainage EuroDrain

SuperSleve EuroDrain is a high strength pipe combined with a high inflow rate delivered via its larger perforation hole size and quantity of perforations per pipe.

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SuperSleve EuroDrain comprises a range of vitrified clay pipes, available in 150mm, 200mm, 250mm and 300mm diameters, jointed with flexible couplings. Two pipe types are available ‘local transport pipe’ with holes arranged in a single arc or ‘multi collector pipe’ with holes all around the pipe for the highest inflows.

Structural Strength

SuperSleve pipes are tested to destruction confirming the strength of the pipes. This published strength can be used directly in structural bedding calculations, despite the number of perforations in the pipe.


SuperSleve drainage systems Kitemarked to the requirements of BS EN 295-5 and are supported by a CE mark and DoP. Plus other international country quality schemes such as DIN Plus.

What’s next?

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